For a while I have been thinking about where I could some more freelance work at local north american rates. I prefer to do everything online, because that’s the way I am. However, normally when you’re looking for freelance work online at sites like UpWork, there are a lot of people from around the world applying at their much lower local rates, and the clients are usually going there looking for a deal. I have basically had zero success finding decent gigs on those sites.

In the past I’ve found freelancing jobs that pay well only through word of mouth. Basically, I know someone who is looking for some extra help and they are willing to hire on a contract basis instead of as a full time employtee.

I recently ran into an interesting sounding agency called “TopTal Software Programmers Group”.

They appear to offer full North American pay along with the flexible hours and lifestyle of freelance work that I like, but also with the convenience of an online marketplace like Upwork. I searched around and read some reviews and generally people are very positive about their experience working there and they highly recommend it.

I think it’s relatively low risk to apply, compared to the possible rewards, so I’m applying today. Ask me in a few months if you want to know how it all turns out!