My current intention is to use my talents to create things that are useful for people, and which make a difference for them.

In doing so I will must earn a comfortable standard of living that allows me to focus my attention on pursuing my interests more so than spend energy merely surviving and maintaining a lifestyle.


Integrity is important to me in business as in all areas of life. I’m greatly influenced by Landmark Education and by The Four Agreements when it comes to understanding and defining integrity. When you treat your word with honor and respect anything is possible.

Authenticity I also consider important. TODO: More about this.

Freedom is my second maxim - I don’t like to control other or be controlled. I seek to always have a freedom of choice and to offer others the same.


Early my teenage years I started to spend a lot of time doing computer programming. Starting with the examples from the BASIC programming book that came with the Commodore 64, then continuing this as a passion until today by learning a variety of programming languages and tools on several different operating system.

After that I gained an interest in personal development. This started with a few books like “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” and “The Power of Now” but also includes workshops like The Landmark Forum, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Dov Baron’s Courses.

Later, I took up an interest in entrepreneurship, starting a company making online accounting software which was a modest success in that it acquired some customers, attracted some investment, and taught me a lot about my own interests and capabilities in this arena.

All throughout this I’ve enjoyed video games and had a couple of stints working on video games, first working on some fun modifications (mods for short) for Quake, then later working a stint at Rockstar Games Vancouver where they shipped the game Bully with a bit of help from yours truly. I still enjoy playing video games and hope to make more games in the future.


I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and quickly was moved to a nearby town called Powell River where I spent my childhood and teenage years. I spent a lot of time reading books and playing with computers, periodically interrupted by family members and household chores – similar to how things are today. Later I moved back to Vancouver to study, work, and live as my preferred “home base” for things.

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