This month we made a game with a bug that uses a big flower seed to float his way through a swamp, assisted by a bit of wing power.

Try it here:

Source code here:

Lessons Learned

I used Playcraft to code it this time, and as before it’s a good start to library, although somewhat buggy and still missing a lot of stuff. I ended up making a number of pull requests with bug fixes and improvements to Playcraft in the process of making the game.

This time we used Tiled map editor to lay out the maps. Tiled isn’t too pretty but it gets the job done well enough.

One drawback of using a Tiled TMX file with Playcraft is that you cannot load the XML file from a file:// URL due to browser security policy. So I had to help the non-programmers figure out a way to run the game off a web server instead of just loading it from the file system. I think as an improvement to the Tiled/Playcraft combo they could add JSONP support. Perhaps I might attempt this myself, although the Tiled project looks a bit daunting to get started with.


All the graphics are original artwork by Glenn Martin.

Programming by Dobes Vandermeer.

Original music by Christopher Tyler Nickel

Di Wu helped out with the game design, testing, and level design this month.


  • Buzzes made by Dobes Vandermeer mucking around in audacity, badly need replacing
  • orb_pickup is from
  • splash from