After I registered I deliberated for a long time about what to do with it. Should I blog? About what? Who cares anyway?

Some of the topics I like writing about:

  • Startups
  • Personal development / enlightenment
  • My opinion and prediction (punditry)
  • Programming
  • Apps I’ve found
  • (One day) fiction writing

I was held back from writing because I’m pretty sure that my regular readership will be quite minimal with this range of topics. I’m bound to put off people with what will be off-topic for them.

Furthermore, most of what I might want to say has been said quite effectively elsewhere.

Finally I decided I should just blog for my own benefit. A place to put some notes, express myself, and generally write without any purpose. I have many thoughts in my head that might be quieter if I took the time to put them to words.