Been reading an interesting article about leadership written by some Landmark people and I thought some parts of it were interesting enough to excerpt.

Here’s a section on cause and effect as a limiting world view.

A present day (and therefore more difficult to see) example of a constraining worldview is most people’s worldview of “cause/effect”. Most of us believe that whatever we encounter has been caused by something. This aspect of our worldview makes unintelligible for many of us any non-cause/effect phenomenon.

A scientifically verified example of a non-cause/effect phenomenon is “entanglement”. This is the name given by quantum physicists to the instantaneous invariant non-cause/effect correlation of the states of a certain two particles (quanta) that come into contact and are later at a distance from one another. “No matter how far they move apart, if one is tweaked, measured, observed, the other seems to instantly respond, even if the whole world now lies between them.”

Given our non-physicist’s worldview (model of reality) that everything we encounter is caused by something, we would like to say that the state of the one particle causes the effect of the state of the other particle. However, this cannot be true because when measured the two particles are at a distance from one another and the responsive result is instantaneous. Because this responsive result is instantaneous at a distance, the connection cannot be a cause/effect connection. Instantaneous action at a distance as a cause/effect phenomenon would violate the experimentally established limit of the speed of light as the absolute maximum rate of transfer of information from one location to another (that is, something being the effect of some cause must happen within the speed of light).